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AI Video Generation Algorithm Engineer

We are seeking talented and motivated AI Video Generation Algorithm Engineers to join our team. As an AI Video Generation Algorithm Engineer, you will have the opportunity to develop and optimize artificial intelligence algorithms and systems to solve complex problems in a wide range of fields with Open-Sora. Should you possess a robust technical expertise, an unyielding drive for innovation, and a fervent desire to contribute significantly, your application would be highly welcomed.


  1. Research and explore visual content generation technologies based on multimodal information, responsible for the development and implementation of visual content generation models and related algorithms, and iterating strategies based on company business scenarios.
  2. Responsible for Open-Sora's controllable temporal content generation technology, including text-to-video, image-to-video, digital humans, video editing, camera control, etc.; complete the alignment of video and text, and successfully integrate them into the product.
  3. Continuously track the latest technological developments in the field of image and video generation, evaluate and implement cutting-edge technologies, and promote the application and innovation of technology in the company's products.


  1. Ph.D. or Master's degree in artificial intelligence, computer science, or related fields, with a solid foundation in visual generation, computer vision, and multimodal fields;
  2. Strong coding skills, proficient in PyTorch development, with experience in PyTorch distributed training;
  3. Familiar with generative models (VAE, Diffusion Models, DiT);
  4. Passionate about generative technologies, eager to explore cutting-edge technologies, and aspire to achieve excellent results;
  5. Strong self-drive, good team spirit, positive and optimistic personality.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in joining our team, we look forward to reviewing your application.