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Colossal-AI is the best tool for enhancing your deep learning performance and cost-efficiency.
Large model training/fine-tuning costs are reduced by 10 times, and model capacity is increased by a hundred times.
The inference speed of large models is increased by 10 times, and business deployment is optimized.
Build high-quality AI large models and applications at a cost of one thousand dollar.
Platform-based software and hardware integrated AI large model solution delivery.

Colossal-AI Core Competencies

Best Performance


Training, Fine-tuning and Inference Acceleration


Team Streamlining


No Need to Maintain a Large R&D Team


Lowest Cost


Reduce the Cost of Large Model Development


Easy Using

Optimization Solution Ready for Immediate Use

Multi-system Compatible

Support for Multiple Hardwares and Industry Models

Unlimited Expansion

Scales Well from a Single GPU
to a 10,000 GPUs Cluster 

Colossal-AI Training

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10x Faster

Large model training/fine-tuning costs reduced by 10 times
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100x Size

The capacity of the same hardware model is increased by a hundred times

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1000x GPUs

512 A100 GPUs pre-trained 70 billion parameters LLaMA-2
  • Easy to Use: Native PyTorch compatibility, start with a few lines of code.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Integration and optimisation of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Colossal-AI Inference

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Large Language Models

LLM inference accelerated by 13X
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Stable Diffusion


8X cost savings in multimodal generation


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AI for ScienceBiomedical

AlphaFold2 inference speeds up by 11X


Improve throughput speed and solve AI large model performance and cost challenges


官网素材 (1)


Multi-turn dialogue reasoning speed increased by 46%, breaking the length limit of LLM multi-round dialogue


官网素材 (2)-1

314B Grok-1 inference

Convenient and easy to use, inference acceleration 3.8 times


Colossal-AI Modelling

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The world's first complete solution to reproduce ChatGPT's RLHF training process.
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 Fine-tuning model with only half a day on a $1000 budget, with results comparable to mainstream large models.

End-to-end delivery from data collection preparation to inference deployment.


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Pretraining from Scratch

Optimal large-scale training performance with end-to-end full-process coverage
官网素材 (2)

Enterprise-wide Knowledge Base

Upload only the relevant documents and quickly master the corresponding knowledge competencies.

Open Sora

The world's first open-source Sora-like architecture video generation model and complete low-cost solution

Colossal-AI Computational Cloud


Scalable Clusters


Private computing resources, Flexible scaling, from single GPU to large distributed clusters 

Flexible Terms


From hourly rentals to yearly bookings, no long term commitment required, ready to go



Multiple Clusters

Multiple high-performance hardware clusters available, e.g. NVIDIA H100
GPU: 8 X H100-80GG SXM NVLink
CPU: 2 X 8470-52c
Memory: 32 X 64G
Cluster Network: 8 X 400G RoCE
System Disk: 2 X960G NVMe
Local Storage: 4 X 7.68T NVMe

Instant Launch

Pre-configured development environment,
just click and code

Colossal-AI Cloud Platform


Full process coverage of large model development and deployment applications, including data collection preparation, model training/fine-tuning, inference deployment, end-to-end delivery

Software and hardware all-in-one full stack resources; Pay-as-you-go, no long-term commitment

 Colossal-AI Software Stack Optimisation Adaptation
10X performance acceleration, 100X cost savings
Maximise resource utilisation, minimise large model costs
AI large model training/fine-tuning/inference/model building

One-click management/development/application of AI large models with zero/low code
Low cost auto elasticity scaling


Colossal-AI is trusted by leading AI teams worldwide

Lightning AI
Clarity AI

Colossal-AI Case Study

  • Provide computing power supply and integrated software and hardware solutions for many industries, universities, AI companies, etc.
  • Cooperated with many of the world's leading technology giants in industry, academia and research, and won outstanding papers at top conferences such as AAAI and ACL.

A Fortune 500 company

  • Developed multi-modal Agent, improving multi-task performance by 114%
  • Optimize multi-modal reasoning performance

A Fortune 500 company

  • Provide AI large model software infrastructure for emerging hardware
  • Optimized for emerging hardware performance and price-performance by 30%

A Fortune 500 company

  • Pre-train a privatized large model with hundreds of billions of parameters on the Qianka cluster
  • Optimize multi-modal reasoning performance 8 times

A Chinese Fortune 500

  • RLHF fine-tunes a large model of privatization with hundreds of billions of parameters
  • Optimize ChatGPT PPO speed 10 times

A Chinese Fortune 500

  • Research and develop cutting-edge fields such as autonomous driving algorithms, multi-modal fusion, and knowledge distillation
  • Optimize and improve algorithm, model training and inference speed

A Southeast Asian technology giant

  • Build high-quality, multi-lingual ChatGPT-like enterprise customer service at low cost
  • Optimize large language model inference speed by 13 times

One of the top three AI R&D institutions in Asia

  • Improve the inference speed of large language models by 30%
  • Jointly explore the cutting-edge technology of AI large models

A Middle Eastern energy company

  • Developing a ChatGPT-like model for Arabic + energy industry
  • Build high-quality AI large models at low cost

A computing power center

  • Provide privatized AI large model software infrastructure for AI intelligent computing centers
  • Joint operation of computing power marketing and AI solutions

A certain Chinese leading media

  • Develop a ChatGPT-like model for the Chinese + media industry
  • Build high-quality AI large models at low cost

A medical unicorn

  • Provide optimization solutions for protein prediction models for the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Improved AlphaFold2-like model training/inference by 11 times

An Internet unicorn

  • Low-cost and high-quality construction of a ChatGPT-like model with unified multi-role IP
  • Provide privatized training and pushing all-in-one machine solutions

The only start-up representative at AWS China Summit


International Conference on Machine Learning


Reported by HPC Wire, the world’s number one supercomputing media

High-performance and low-cost implementations Validated performance, easy-to-use solutions Technical support and expertized assistance (1600 x 900 像素) (3)

Obtained official admission to top international AI and high-performance computing conferences/events

Screenshot 2024-02-07 180902
Screenshot 2024-02-07 180101
Screenshot 2024-02-07 180029
Screenshot 2024-02-07 181012
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Screenshot 2024-02-23 105854
Open source solution replicates ChatGPT training process-Feb-14-2023-02-23-47-1380-PM

Replicate ChatGPT Training Quickly and Affordable with Open Source Colossal-AI

February 14, 2023


Diffusion Pretraining and Hardware Fine-Tuning Can Be Almost 7X Cheaper! Colossal-AI's Open Source Solution Accelerates AIGC at a Low Cost


Use a Laptop to Analyze 90% of Proteins, With a Single-GPU Inference Sequence Exceeding 10,000! Accelerate AlphaFold Inference by 5 Times and Reduce GPU Memory by 75%