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Unmatched deep learning speed and scale

Achieve optimal performance and cost savings for large neural network training, inference and fine-tuning with our Colossal-AI software on your existing computing devices.

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Colossal-AI is trusted by leading AI teams worldwide

Lightning AI
Clarity AI

10x speedup

47x cost savings

>175B parameters


Any large model

Use Colossal-AI for any neural network machine learning model of any size.


Any level of accuracy

Make no compromises on pecision when training, infering or fine-tuning with Colossal-AI.

Any business scenario

Apply Colossal-AI in any business scenario, from accounting to wholesale.
  • Faster training times: Increased speed enables your business to iterate more quickly and bring your products to market faster.

  • Increased revenue: With the ability to train deep learning models at scale, your business can process larger amounts of data and handle more users or transactions, which leads to increased capacity.

  • Cost savings: With faster training times, your business can train more models in a shorter period of time, which can lead to improved efficiency.

  • Competitive advantage: Speed and scale in deep learning allows your business to develop and deploy new models and features faster than your competitors.


Novel hybrid parallelism

Colossal-AI boasts the world's first technology for automatic parallelism, as well as advanced memory management, dynamic scheduling, and support for data, pipeline, sequence, and tensor parallelism in multiple dimensions, allowing for efficient and seamless large-scale training, inference and fine-tuning.

» Learn more about our parallelism strategies

Instant distributed deployment

It is easy for you to distribute the training and inference of large neural networks as well as the input data across multi-host architectures with Colossal-AI. All you need is to write few lines of code on your laptop and then automatically deploy to the cloud or supercomputers without major code rewrites.

» Learn more about distributed training in HPC-AI Platform

Chip and cloud agnostic

Colossal-AI can work with a wide range of chip or cloud providers. It maximizes runtime performance for your large-scale training on single or multiple GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs and CPUs. Additionally, we work closely with chip manufacturers to offer ready-made recipes that optimize deep learning on their hardware for maximum performance.

Ready-made model recipes

Several battle-tested recipes for various model sizes make it easy for Colossal-AI users to optimize their models without the need to spend time experimenting and tweaking settings. These pre-made and ready-to-use recipes are available for models like AlphaFold, allowing users to quickly and easily adapt the models to the specific hardware they are using.

Open Source code base

Colossal-AI, created by HPC-AI Tech, is an open-source software that has quickly become a leading project in deep learning. Our code is available for your AI developers and data scientists to try and experience unparalleled speed and scale. Additionally, the open-source nature of Colossal-AI allows you to have the freedom to adapt and modify the software to suit your specific needs.

» Try our open source projects on GitHub

Compatible with common tools

Colossal-AI seamlessly integrates with the AI technology ecosystem and models community, leveraging the power of PyTorch. It functions as an accelerator strategy in Lightning AI, and provides access to thousands of pre-trained deep learning models available on Hugging Face, enabling your team to easily implement state-of-the-art models without the need for extensive development.

» Read the docs on how to use Colossal-AI with Lightning AI

"The collaboration with HPC-AI Tech brings together the cutting-edge technology in large AI model training from Colossal-AI and the biocomputing domain expertise from BioMap."

Le Song
Chief AI Scientist, BioMap

BioMap significantly accelerated AI-based drug research and discovery with Colossal-AI. The model training time has been reduced from 11 days to 67 hours and inference time by up to 11.6 times.


White Paper

The ROI of Custom AI Solutions

How to Leverage High Performance Computing and Open Source Technologies for a Fast Break Even

This white paper presents an in-depth exploration of the potential return on investment (ROI) for businesses looking to implement a custom Large Language Model (LLM) solution, using high-performance computing and open-source optimization tools.

Complete lifecycle services

Our service packages help to bring your AI acceleration goals to life. You can book development resources for software customization and up to 24/7 technical support from us for Colossal-AI in advance or on-demand.

Leading subject matter experts

Our global team includes professors and senior engineers who are among the leading experts in the mathematics and the software development required to speed up next generation AI solutions.

High Return on Investment

Position your company for long-term success with Colossal-AI and HPC-AI Tech. Remain competitive by shortening your machine learning innovation cycles due to faster, reliable and highly cost efficient model training, inference fine-tuning and deployment.

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Open source solution replicates ChatGPT training process-Feb-14-2023-02-23-47-1380-PM

Replicate ChatGPT Training Quickly and Affordable with Open Source Colossal-AI

February 14, 2023


Diffusion Pretraining and Hardware Fine-Tuning Can Be Almost 7X Cheaper! Colossal-AI's Open Source Solution Accelerates AIGC at a Low Cost


Use a Laptop to Analyze 90% of Proteins, With a Single-GPU Inference Sequence Exceeding 10,000! Accelerate AlphaFold Inference by 5 Times and Reduce GPU Memory by 75%


Colossal-AI's core functionality is available as an open-source option for do-it-yourself implementation and maintenance.

Explore the Colossal-AI open source project


Complete Colossal-AI platform for on-premises use, including vendor support and services for added peace of mind.



Easily use Colossal-AI on any cloud provider with our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.