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HPC-AI Tech helps you speed up and scale deep learning with Colossal-AI

  1. Colossal-AI by HPC-AI Tech streamlines the process of training and deploying large-scale AI models. By writing simple source code on your laptop, our technology allows for automatic deployment to the cloud and supercomputers, resulting in significant efficiency gains.
  2. Colossal-AI enables significant savings in computing resources. Without it, training large models like GPT-3 would require over 100 GPUs, but with HPC-AI Tech's solution, the number is reduced by half. Additionally, even on low-end hardware, our platform enables the training of models 2 to 3 times larger than what would be possible without it.
  3. Colossal-AI leverages a variety of parallel computing techniques to provide substantial performance gains when training AI models on your hardware. HPC-AI Tech's goal is to accelerate training by a factor of 10 or reduce hardware costs by 50%.