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Colossal-AI Partners Program

Maximize your AI business potential by joining our trusted partner network to fully utilize the power of Colossal-AI.


Our goal: your success

With HPC-AI Tech, you get a company-wide commitment to ensuring growth for your business and happiness for your clients. You get the personal attention others can only claim to deliver. You get to work with Colossal-AI, the world's most powerful deep learning performance optimization platform.

Extensive enablement

We're big enough to deliver the resources you need, and small enough to care.

You're enabled on all aspects of selling and implementing Colossal-AI, from marketing and sales resources, to training, regular product briefings and sales support throughout the evaluation process.

Strategic co-marketing

We don't just say we want to grow together. We take action.

With dedicated marketing resources around the globe, HPC-AI Tech is equipped to work with your organization to get in front of potential customers via co-sponsored events, digital content initiatives and more.

A great platform

Colossal-AI is extremely fast to onboard, develop and deploy.

With Colossal-AI's flexible architecture, unmatched performance optimization features, focus on integrations, and simple pricing model and vendor support, project success is virtually guaranteed.

Partner types

Companies that offer AI and data science solutions, such as deep learning models, and provide services to clients in various industries benefit from using Colossal-AI to optimize their offerings.

Companies that specialize in integrating complex systems and provide IT services to clients in various industries benefit from using Colossal-AI to offer optimized AI solutions to their clients.

Companies in specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, and automotive, benefit from using Colossal-AI to optimize their AI applications and services.

Companies that specialize in hardware for high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) benefit from integrating Colossal-AI into their offerings.

Cloud providers benefit from offering Colossal-AI as a value-added service to their clients, who can use it to optimize their AI workloads on the cloud.

Research institutions and academic organizations can use Colossal-AI for research purposes and for teaching students about AI and HPC.

Contact our partner management

Our partners are key to everything we do. You are few steps away from becoming one of them.

  • Send us your request and we'll be in touch to schedule a call.
  • One of our partner managers will discuss the opportunity with you.
  • We'll plan together with you the next steps of the partnership.