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Extreme speed and scale in one AI platform

Improve operational efficiency of your AI-driven initiatives with our easy-to-use deep learning software suite.

Unified high-performance AI platform

1. Unify operational efficiency

Only HPC-AI Tech's platform makes it easy to manage all your data, models and computing resources in one place. Our unified interface shortens time to results and time to accuracy for deep learning applications while reducing operational costs. 


2. Accelerate AI with accuracy

HPC-AI Tech's software utilizes cutting edge scientific research and technologies so that you can easily reduce infrastructure cost and improve performance metrics for training and inference while maintaining accuracy.


3. Replace manual work with automation

Various Auto ML features in our platform such as automatic deployment, automatic parallelism, and automatic offloading free up financial and human resources so that your AI team can focus on creating added value and adapt to changing business priorities quickly.

Team efficiency

4. Easily utilize our new technology

Our solution offers a confluence of innovations that give your AI teams easy-to-use tools to work within a distributed model training and inference infrastructure without being experts, thus ensuring your software ROI. 

AI/ML stack

5. Future-proof your AI/ML stack

The HPC-AI Tech platform allows you to easily integrate today's modern software and computing stack, as well as legacy systems and data sources. Your developers and operations teams can use their favourite software tools, computing resources and development processes to accelerate machine learning pipelines with our solution. You don't get locked into a single technology or vendor.

Get the acceleration platform for the best AI teams.

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