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Collaborative Innovation: Building an Arabic Chat-Based System in Partnership with Watad and HPC-AI Tech

A groundbreaking collaboration between Watad Energy & Communications Co. and HPC-AI Tech is set to redefine the potential of Arabic language models in the realm of artificial intelligence. By leveraging their combined strengths, expertise, and resources, these two technology companies are paving the way for innovative breakthroughs that will shape the future of AI.

Today, as reported by Qatar News Agency, this mentioned partnership, highlighted by HPCWire since early April, is emerging as a significant breakthrough in addressing the challenges faced by Arabic language models. By working together, Watad and HPC-AI Tech are driving advancements that will enhance the current capabilities of AI technology in Arabic language processing. 

Mohammed Al-Mutairi, Managing Director of Watad said, “This collaboration represents the first building block of any language solution developed for multiple applications, and this basic model will be the first language model dedicated to Arabic in the region.” 

Yang You, the Founder of HPC-AI Tech said that he is proud to embark on this transformative collaboration, pioneering the region’s first-ever Arabic language learning model that will redefine possibilities and empower groups and individuals across diverse domains.

The collaboration between HPC-AI Tech and Watad holds tremendous potential for the advancement of Arabic large language models. Their joint efforts will contribute to improving the current landscape and capabilities of AI technology in Arabic language processing. By showcasing the transformative possibilities achieved through their partnership, they inspire a collective pursuit of innovation and progress, opening up new horizons that will shape the future of AI.