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HPC-AI Tech Raises 22 Million USD in Series A Funding to Fuel Team Expansion and Business Growth

Singapore - HPC-AI Tech, a pioneering company specializing in efficient large AI model training, is delighted to announce the successful completion of its Series A funding round, securing a total of 22 Million USD. This latest funding milestone, following two previous fundraising rounds, highlights the company's rapid growth since its establishment just 18 months ago. The funds will be primarily allocated towards team expansion and advancing business development initiatives, propelling HPC-AI Tech's ambitious plans forward.

Headquartered in Singapore, HPC-AI Tech aims to become the leading force in Southeast Asia, akin to OpenAI's global prominence. With a focus on unlocking AI productivity, the company is devoted to creating a world-class distributed AI development and deployment platform. By harnessing self-developed core technologies, including efficient multi-dimensional parallelism, heterogeneous memory management, large-scale optimization libraries, and adaptive task scheduling, HPC-AI Tech has developed Colossal-AI, a versatile deep learning system tailored for the era of large models. This system enables cost-effective implementation of large AI models, empowering enterprises to embrace AI intelligence and drive industry advancements. With a combination of groundbreaking research, exceptional talent, and a commitment to excellence, HPC-AI Tech strives to be a trusted leader in the AI industry.

The recently raised funds will enable HPC-AI Tech to bolster its workforce by attracting top-tier talent, fostering innovation, and enhancing operational capabilities. With an expanded team, the company is poised to deliver industry-leading solutions for large AI models and accelerate their practical application across various domains.

Since its inception, HPC-AI Tech has utilized its academic achievements and industrial experience to tackle implementation challenges across diverse industries. The development of core technologies like multi-dimensional tensor parallelism, sequence parallelism, heterogeneous memory management, large-scale optimization, and adaptive task scheduling has led to the creation of Colossal-AI, an efficient deep learning system for the model era. Colossal-AI enables rapid and cost-effective deployment of large AI models in practical applications.

Colossal-AI has gained significant recognition in the AI community, with over 30,000 GitHub stars and being featured in official tutorials at prestigious conferences. It has demonstrated exceptional performance in distributed solutions for cutting-edge large models such as ChatGPT-like solution and Stable Diffusion. HPC-AI Tech is dedicated to driving the practical application of large AI models, promoting intelligent transformations across industries.

HPC-AI Tech offers services around Colossal-AI, including efficient model training, low-latency inference deployment, and diverse application scenarios. Through collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, Tech Giants, national research institutions in Asia, strategic partnerships with supercomputing centers in Europe and leading AI companies in the Middle East, HPC-AI Tech is expanding its presence globally. By seamlessly integrating large AI models into various industries, HPC-AI Tech aims to enable intelligent transformations and make a significant impact worldwide.

"Large models are rapidly revolutionizing the technological landscape, with ChatGPT and other language models leading the way. HPC-AI Tech's Colossal-AI, a powerful and scalable deep learning system designed for large models, has successfully addressed the challenges of industrial implementation," said Prof. Yang You, the founder of HPC-AI Tech. "By removing barriers that hindered the adoption of large AI models, HPC-AI Tech opens up immense opportunities for industrial development across sectors. We are committed to becoming the leading force in Southeast Asia, akin to OpenAI's prominence in the global AI landscape."

HPC-AI Tech is committed to further exploring the vast potential of industry empowerment, solidifying its product development based on large AI models. It aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of large model technologies in a cost-effective and efficient manner, propelling the era of large AI models that empower diverse industries. With a focus on driving AI innovation, fostering collaboration, and leading the adoption of large AI models in Southeast Asia and beyond, HPC-AI Tech aims to make significant advancements and contribute to the global AI ecosystem.

About HPC-AI Tech

HPC-AI Tech is a startup headquartered in Singapore. The company is dedicated to unleashing the productivity of AI and strives to create a world-class distributed AI development and deployment platform. Its flagship product, Colossal-AI, is a versatile deep learning system designed for the era of large AI models. It enables efficient and rapid deployment of large AI model training and inference, resulting in significant cost reduction for large AI model applications. Colossal-AI has garnered acclaim through successful implementations in renowned companies across various industries, such as autonomous driving, cloud computing, retail, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and finance. It aims to facilitate the adoption of large AI models across numerous sectors, ushering in an era where businesses in all fields benefit from the power of large AI models.

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