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Colossal-AI Releases Open Source Framework for ChatGPT Replication

Dover, DE - March 13, 2023 - Colossal-AI, the leading Artificial Intelligence performance optimization solution, has released an open source framework for the replication of ChatGPT model training. This release has generated a wave of excitement in the AI community, leading to Colossal-AI becoming the number one trending project on GitHub for multiple weeks. This outpouring of interest has solidified Colossal-AI's position as the go-to solution for highly efficient AI initiatives.

Fueling the Global AI Economy with Affordable ChatGPT Replication

Colossal-AI has achieved a breakthrough in AI performance optimization, delivering up to 50% hardware savings and 7.73x faster training times for building ChatGPT-like custom applications.

It is generally believed that to run a ChatGPT-like original model training process, the minimum hardware requirements are at least 64 NVIDIA A100 GPUs with 80 GB memory. A single such GPU costs $14,999. That means the minimum hardware cost to train a ChatGPT-like neural network is roughly $1M just for the GPUs. With Colossal-AI, organizations can achieve up to 50% hardware savings, reducing the hardware cost by up to $500,000, making the implementation of AI models more affordable for organizations of all sizes. In addition to the hardware savings, Colossal-AI also delivers up to 7.73x faster training times, further reducing the cost and time required to build a ChatGPT-like custom application.

This breakthrough in AI performance optimization is set to fuel innovation and drive growth in the AI industry worldwide. Colossal-AI levels the playing field for organizations looking to develop innovative AI solutions, such as virtual assistants that schedule appointments, recommender systems that suggest products or services, automated human-like customer service, or chatbots that help healthcare professionals in tasks such as diagnosing diseases.

Community Growth Demonstrates Demand for Fast and Affordable ChatGPT Replication

After the release of Colossal-AI's framework for ChatGPT replication, the project was catapulted to the number one trending project on GitHub and stayed there for multiple weeks. In just two weeks after the release, the number of stargazers on GitHub doubled to over 17,000. The respective release announcement blog was read over 125,000 times. This rapid growth clearly demonstrates the strong demand for a fast and affordable solution for ChatGPT model training replication. Colossal-AI has left its competitors in AI performance optimization software, including industry giants, far behind in terms of community momentum and impact.

Just prior to the release, Colossal-AI became a PyTorch Ecosystem Partner, solidifying its position as a go-to tool for highly efficient AI initiatives. PyTorch is a popular open-source machine learning framework developed by Meta and now a Linux Foundation project.

"We at Colossal-AI are thrilled with the rapid progress we have made," says Prof. James Demmel, Co-Founder and CSO at HPC-AI Tech and Professor at UC Berkeley. "Our commitment to excellence and democratizing AI performance optimization has attracted a community of like-minded developers and researchers who share our aspirations for a level playing field. Being recognized as a PyTorch Ecosystem Partner and gaining the support of the open science and open source AI community is a true honor, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of high-performance and cost-efficient AI."

For more information on the Colossal-AI framework for ChatGPT-like training replication and its many benefits, please visit our blog post that also includes a detailed how-to guide for developers looking to build their own custom applications:

About HPC-AI Tech

HPC-AI Tech is a global company focusing on High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence that has developed an efficient large AI model training, inference and fine-tuning system, called Colossal-AI. Colossal-AI integrates with many advanced technologies such as multi-dimensional tensor parallelism, sequence parallelism, heterogeneous memory management, large-scale optimization and adaptive task scheduling. It helps users to efficiently and quickly deploy state-of-the-art AI applications with budget savings of up to 46x and go to market speeds of 7-10 times faster than comparable solutions.

Colossal-AI is available under an open-source license on GitHub and has ranked first as a trending project multiple times with over 17,000 stars. Plus, Colossal-AI natively supports popular AI frameworks such as PyTorch Lightning, Hugging Face, or Timm and it supports the training of any size model such as Stable Diffusion, BLOOM, AlphaFold or GPT-3 on any GPU. This means AI developers and data scientists can use their favorite tools with ease to utilize any of the over 20,000 available deep learning models.

The company was founded by Prof. Yang You, Founder and Chairman and Prof. James Demmel, Chief Strategy Officer and professor at UC Berkeley. The company is based out of Delaware and Singapore. Users worldwide include Meta, BioMap, Hugging Face, and Lightning AI. The company is backed by BlueRun Ventures, Sinovation Ventures and ZhenFund. For more information, visit

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